New Testament is the second part if the Christian Bible. This Scripture mainly focuses on teaching and life of the Christ as well as giving an account of the event in the first-century Christianity. The new testament has played a great role in spreading the Word of God around the World. It better depicts the essence of Christian theology and morality.

This scripture has influenced philosophical, religious, and political movements in Christianity and left an outstanding mark on art, literature and music.

The New Testament consists of:

  1. Four narratives of the life, teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus called “gospel” or the good news.
  2. A narrative of the Apostle ministries in the early church called the “Acts of the Apostles”, and probably written by the same writer as the Gospel of Luke, which it continues;
  3. Twenty-one letters, often called “epistles” from Greek “epistle”, written by various authors, and consisting of Christian doctrine, counsel, instruction, and conflict resolution; and
  4. An Apocalypse, the Book of Revelation, which is a book of prophecy, containing some instructions to seven local congregations of Asia Minor, but mostly containing prophetical symbology, about the end times.