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In the modern world, most of us are busy in the pursuit of attaining materialistic values, good health and improving our financial situation. But most of us have no clue about our true destiny, and we are journeying without being led to anything meaningful. The question most of us ask ourselves after attaining all the material values is that: are we content?

Your purpose in life should change with the changing situations and should make you consider to suit the needs at hand.

Realizing yourself in the glory of God is the real key to true happiness. All you need to is to listen to the word of god and realize that he inspires us through every situation he puts us through in our lives. People who read the Bible sooner or later become aware of the fact that it is not fruitful to chase the worldly values and thus, never becomes unhappy.

Here are some of the Benefits you can reap from Reading the word of Christ:

Living a Life of Privilege and Worth

When someone reads the Word of god carefully, he feels he is enabled by the Jesus himself to see the magic in these Words. Bible is a form of personal interaction with the Christ, and there are personalised messages in the Bible which help us get through all situations in the life. This tremendous feeling of connecting to the omnipotent on such an intimate level is the privilege that the Bible serves. Through regular reading, God accepts us as one of his children and help us find salvation in life.

Strengthening of the Faith

The Bible opens us to the blessings of God.

“Faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ” -(Romans 10:17).

But the reader needs to be devoted and thorough in his intentions when reading the word of God to have his spirit awaken in the process. Regular helps your faith to germinate and become stronger with each day. Those who wish to submit completely to the will of God, the Jesus will disclose his splendour to us and help thrive our faith in him.

Overcoming Temptations

The sacrificial values as depicted by the life of Jesus teaches us that we live a life full of sins. It is up to the mankind to stick to what is right and stay away from what is wrong. Temptations are devilish tendencies that forbid us to distinguish the wants from the needs and lure us into sins for the fulfilment of these desires and become unduly ambitious. This takes away the peace of our lives. The Bible possess the great example of the Christ and how he overcome temptation in his life. Furthermore, it is important to realize that the best of us can fall into to the glittery net of temptation, what is important to learn from the mistakes we make ask for forgiveness.

Finding Wisdom

A wise man is someone who is not enslaved by his urges and can foresee how his actions impact his life. Scriptures make the purpose of our lives a bit clearer to us and tell why God put us on Earth and tell us the ways we can bring harmony to our fellow human being. The wisdom that we acquire form individual reading gets multiplies when we share the Word of God.

How Bible Help Us Thrive on a Personal Level


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