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God’s Words lead us to Freedom

The truth of God’s existence leads us to freedom in many ways. People who firmly believe in the Christ are freed from the pursuit of worldly wishes.

“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” -(John 8:32).

We are freed from the enslaving and destructive effects of sins and help us become a better person.

You will get to Know Yourself Better

“Know God. Know yourself. Know yourself to know your need of God. Know God to know you are not gods.”

John Calvin narrated in the most truthful of ways.

The intention we have when we open the Bible is to seek the Christ through the holy pages of the Scripture. The Bible is not thoroughly about us, but it is perhaps the best form of writing on the face of Earth to tell us about ourselves. Projecting ourselves from the eyes of God is important because this is what causes us to realize that we are just needy, weak and once-dead sinners that will be dead again. We are rescued and spared due to the His mercy and raised to new life through his Son’s work and his Spirit’s power.

Attaining a God-Centered Vision Instead of a Self-Centered One

As sinners, it is possible for our look to turn internal. It is very simple to ask when perusing Scripture, “Does this address me? What would be a good idea for me to do? In what capacity should I act?” While these examining questions absolutely are not wrong to ask (we need to apply God’s Word!), we ought not to start with them, nor should we be constrained to them. Since the Bible is divine about God’s omnipotence, his salvation design through Christ, and his heart-changing work through his Spirit, our seeking ought to fundamentally be Godward: “What does this section tell me regarding God? Where do I see Christ indicated in this section?” We see ourselves all the more unmistakably once we have known God all, the more completely; so shouldn’t we begin with him?

Knowing that Some Questions are Better Remained Unanswered

When it comes to the questions that don’t appear to have obvious, coordinate answers, may we put them to rest in the learning that God alone is the most knowledgeable to see things and purposes, as indicated by his predestined plans? Areas of books like Job, Isaiah, and Romans may lead us to ask, “Why?” But Scripture would at the same time provoke us to submit our question of “why?” to the known reality of God’s identity. What an opportunity it is, as we navigate Scripture to modestly submit ourselves to God, who put out his Word so we may know him better and figure out how to confide in him better.


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